Wednesday, January 07, 2009


The Noobee is a multifunctional toy for your tot! It was designed to keep your baby's hands busy while feeding and at the same time keeping their mind active. The Noobee comes in the Jr. or Sr. The Noobee has the full alphabet and numbers 0-20 on one side, and on the other side bright objects and shapes on the Jr. (newborn Noobee) and Nursery Rhymes on the Sr.(preschooler Noobee). It is made of a soft microfleece fabric so it is appealing to your baby`s sense of touch. The Noobee can fit easily into your purse or diaper bag to keep your child busy any place, any time – in the car, the doctor's office, grocery store, mall. A fabulous toy developed by a fellow Canadian Mom!

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Unknown said...

This is a super cool product! I've got one already. I highly recommend it for all babes and toddlers!