Friday, January 16, 2009

Calling Swanky Moms Everywhere - Help Save Handmade!

The new law which takes effect on February 10, 2009 will put many work at home mom's out of business. They are calling it National Bankruptcy Day. Under the new law any product that comes into contact with children 12 and under cannot contain more than 660 ppm total lead. The law was made to protect children as in 2007, large toy manufacturers were outsourcing their products to China and were found to contain dangerous levels of lead. The new law requires businesses to permanently label each product with date and batch number. This means all businesses, big or small, must do testing on ALL their products to make sure they do not contain lead as it will be illegal to sell their products and could face jail time or pay thousands of dollars in fines. As this process will cost thousands of dollars it will force many work at home mom's to shut their doors!

Please help save handmade!! Here's what you can do to help:

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(Video from CPSIA Central

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Blessed Nest said...

Thanks for talking about this, Amber! I think it's important to realize how precedence setting this will be, not only in the US but in Canada and other countries too. I have read on official Canadian sites (forgive me, can't keep track of exactly where I have read all of this, but it was an official statement) that they are "watching US legislation regarding child safety regulations" as they work to set their own. Scary. If you are a Canadian, urge your leaders to have more common sense than ours!!!!
(we're trying to stay on top of this on our blog too!)

Blessed Nest said...

p.s. fantastic video!!! Can I post it on our blog?

swankymom said...

I got the video from and it said to pass it on!

Swanky Mom said...

Hi Amber,

Thank you so much for bringing this to the attention of your readers; it is not only interesting but very informative of the consequences of this regulations on thousands of small business and working moms.

Kudos! for your great job.