Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ZipBins: Creativity+Organization = Perfection!

Last year we had the pleasure of reviewing this fantastic line and I'm thrilled to have them back this holiday season! ZipBins are perhaps one of my all time favorite toys. I have a huge pet peeve with storage. Being a super over organized person, I love a product that has a solution, play then put away. Zip Bins allow kiddos to do exactly that. With an added bonus of portability, ZipBins can easily be an "on the go" toy as well. All ZipBins unzip to form a flat play surface that allows children to immerse themselves in creative play.

I absolutely love the Mini Farm ZipBin and so did our "testers." It's a great solution for a grab and go toy that you can whip out anywhere for a complete playset. The adorable bin looks like a little red barn and comes with a mini sheep, horse, pig and cow. What I love about ZipBins is that you can add your own toys to expand the fun! We have some other little farm animals as well as a little farmer figure that we added to our set and my boys love to play "pretend farm." Another show stopper is the ZipBin Softie Racer Play Set. This great set comes with two die cast vehicles and the "car" shaped back pack unzips to form a small village with drivable roads. Perfect for the Hot Wheels lovers in your life. Add a few more of your own cars and you're good to go! For the little ladies in your life, the ZipBin Chateau is fantastic. The super cute "play house" unzips to form a cute little cottage complete with rooms and comes with a doll. It also has "roof top" pool (aka lid) so your little one can throw a fabulous party for her dolls and their friends. Another great feature of the Chateau is that is has three storage pockets built in so that extra clothes and accessories can be tucked away when not in use.

Visit the ZipBin site today and stock up on your holiday gifts. This is literally a one stop shop for the little ones in your life. Affordable and adorable, you're sure to find the perfect theme for anyone. My personal favorite is the ZipBin Dinosaur. We received ours last year, and it has been used just about daily since. My boys had a bunch of dino figures that they added to their bin and after a romping roaring play session, it packs up nice and neat. Pass the word on to Santa, purchasing a ZipBin this holiday season will make both kids and grown ups happy!

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