Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Belly Bandit

Call the cops, somebody stole your waist!! Well, the Belly Bandit is here to the get it back for you! Whether you've had vaginal delivery or c-section, the Belly Bandit abdominal wrap fits snugly around your waist making you feel firm and pulled together. The Belly Bandit is very comfy and gently supports your abdomen, smooths your waistline and encourages better posture. Abdomen wrapping has actually been around for centuries with the ancient technique of holding in and exerting pressure on the abdomen. The Belly Bandit was conceived by a fellow mom who tried this technique and was blown away with the results. The Belly Bandit will aid you in getting back to your pre-pregnancy body, along with a good diet and exercise of course. No more muffin tops and spare tires with the Belly Bandit, it's all silky smooth!


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