Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dabbawalla Bags: So Cute, So Fun, I Guarantee You'll Want One!

The minute I walked by the Dabbawalla Bags booth at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, I fell in love with them. The bright colors and adorable designs caught my eye and then when I spoke with Swanky Mom and creator, Susan Givens, I knew I had to share this amazing line with our readers.

Not only do these bags bring a smile to your face, but they are also flawless in design. Roomy and easy to carry, the bags were designed for the preschool/elementary aged munchkin in mind. They are flexible, strong, and made of water resistant neoprene. and have zippers that are easy for little hands to use. Dabbawalla Bags come in two styles, lunch bags and backpacks. I am in love with the ladybug lunch bag. I have to confess, I've been using it more than my kids! I've also been using it as a snack bag when we are out and about. I love that it's "squishy" and can fit just about anywhere. Another bonus? The bag stores completely flat!

You think I'm done? Nope! Not only does this company have an amazing product, but they have an amazing story to boot. Dabbawalla Bags has partnered with a woman owned and operated facility in rural Taiwan to manufacture lead safe, PVC Free bags that are dyed with certified safe dyes. Dabbawalla Bags has provided the company with a micro loan that has helped the factory to expand and meet its growing business, which in turn provides valuable fair wage jobs for woman in this rural area.

Wondering what Dabbawalla means? Susan is a former travel industry executive with a passion for India. During her travels there she was constantly fascinated with the complex system of dabbawallas, delivery man who brought home cooked lunches to thousands of office workers.

Visit Dabbawalla Bags today and get some great gear with an even greater story!

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