Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Guest Blogger: Nicole Sassaman -Top 10 Tips for Designing Kids Rooms

1.) Design a room that your child can grow into.

2.) If you decide to go with a theme for your child’s room, do it with decorative items that are easy to change out. Pillows, throw rugs, stuffed animals and art are perfect examples of things that you can change out easily and revamp your child’s room with little time or money. If you decide to paint a theme on the wall you are going to spend a lot more time and money making a change.

3.) Skip the toddler bed. Go with a twin bed with a mattress that can fit under it and be pulled out at night or go with a trundle. Toddler beds are a waste of money, time and effort. Kids tend to be in them only for a few months, so it’s a perfect step to skip.

4.) Try a small fish tank with a filter system to both sooth your child to sleep and give them a great night light along with teaching them to take care of animals. My daughter loves to feed her fish and take care of the tank, she loves that they watch over her at night and the sound of the running water is very soothing, as well.

5.) Get creative with your storage. My daughter has one of those cure children’s pink kitchens in her room from Pottery Barn. She and all of the kids love to come over and play with it, but I also use the refrigerator for my diaper cabinet!

6.) In trying to save time, money, and even the planet, I am always trying to think one step ahead of myself. Instead of buying a changing table for my daughter I put two night stands with drawers in them, together. The drawers were a perfect place to store my diapers, etc. and it prevented me from having to store or give away a changing table. They have also turned into nightstands for her now that she is in a big girl bed.

7.) My daughter’s whole room is furnished with West Elm. It didn’t break the bank, it is super stylish, and it has created a fabulous room that she can have through high school if she wants to!

8.) Choose soothing colors. People often paint a little girl’s walls hot pink or bright yellow. Don’t forget that colors have a definite affect on one’s mood. Go for softer shades for softer moods.

9.) Flor carpet tiles are such a great solution for carpets in kid’s rooms! If your child destroys an area on the carpet that you just can’t get clean, you can replace a square or two of Flor’s carpet tiles rather than having to buy a new rug.

10.) An easy solution for interchangeable artwork in your child’s room is to frame fun wrapping papers! One day you can have pink polka dots and another day you can go with blue and green stripes. It’s very fun and easy- especially in the wallet, and it is a fabulous look!


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