Sunday, June 29, 2008

Think-ets: A Mommy Must Have Purse Accessory

A new accessory that I don't leave home without are "Think-ets." This little pouch of goodies has become a permanent resident of my purse, and trust me when I say you really need your own pouch of Think-ets for your handbag too. Think-ets are a pocket size pouch of tiny random objects that allow children to practice endless creativity.

Our pouch features items, like a pig, an apple, a mini plate, a book, some silverware, tiny tools and more. Depending on the age of the children, there are multiple games you can play. My boys, ages 4 & 7, get a kick out of storytelling. I give them 3-4 items and they have to make up a story about them. Or, I'll have them close their eyes, and pick 3-4 items and they have to do a story that way. It's absolutely hilarious and they love when it's my turn too. We also play an ABC Order game, where we line up the objects in alphabetical order (it's the teacher in me). Noatter what the game, with Think-ets, time passes quickly and boredom ceases to exist.

The official age of the game is 8+, but even my 4 year old joins in on the fun. Visit the Think-ets site today and pick up some pouches of your own. I recommend multiple sets and stash them everywhere. They are great for restaurants, doctor appointments, travel, and pretty much any place you have some down time to fill. OH, another thought! I know it's a bit early, but you might want to give Santa a jingle and let him know that Think-ets would make great stocking stuffers!

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tara said...

Ooh, I love those! I'll have to get some. There's something so irresistible to kids (and me!) about teeny-tiny things. What a cool idea.