Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sponsor: Tano Jewelry - 5 Hot Summer Accessories

The Summer Months are here and we have 5 accessories that will make you the envy of every onlooker.

1. Jelly Headbands – Jelly Headbands are fun, light and affordable. No other headband grips your hair like a jelly headband. We carry a variety of styles and are sure that you will find one that suits your taste. From a black designer headband style to brown checker print, find yours today!

2. Shell Necklaces – Shell Necklaces are natural, colorful and versatile. Whether you like to wear your necklaces long or layered, shell necklaces can do it all. With summer colors and necklace and earring sets that match, you won't be disappointed with any selection.

3. String Earrings – A picture says it all. Our string earrings are handmade in Peru, otherwise referred to as Peruvian Thread Earrings and the colors are absolutely stunning. At prices of $10-$15, you can't go wrong and there is a size for everyone. Small, Medium and Large for one of our most popular earring styles.

4. Shell Bracelets – Shell Bracelets are the perfect compliment to your beach outfit in the hot summer months. Our Shell Bracelets are bright, fun and on the cutting edge of fashion. Bright colors from Red to Yellow are in this summer and there is no better way to fit in with all the fashionistas then to sport a hot new Shell Bracelets.

5. Burberry Headbands – Burberry Headbands are always in style and for good reason. They are one of the elite fashion symbols and they have a price tag to match. We offer an affordable alternative with our Burberry Style Headband. With a wide range of colors, small and big print as well as thin Burberry headbands, you are sure to find your perfect match.

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