Friday, June 27, 2008

Supergoop: Safe Summer Time Fun!

This summer, we are revisiting an all time favorite product! Supergoop is the ultimate in daily sun protection. This wonderful sun block is organic, SPF 30, and perfect for sensitive skin. You may be thinking, "Why Supergoop? There are so many sunblocks on the market." Well, let me tell you why.... Unfortunately, skin cancer runs in my family. When I was little, sunblocks were not as good, nor did parents put it on children daily. When I was 16, I got my first skin cancer, and have had several since then. I started using DAILY sun protection when I was a teenager, but much of the damage had already been done. I still use daily protection and have been smothering my boys with it ever since it was safe to use on their sensitive skin. Supergoop, is the perfect sunblock, no burning, no itching, it rubs in easliy, is waterproof, and most improtantly it does a fabulous job of keeping my whole family protected.

For more info, visit the Supergoop site today. I am in love with their Super Pump and wall mount. We have one in our back yard. It's handy and a great reminder to lube up before hitting the giant inflatable waterslide that has become a fixture in our backyard this summer! Also, check out the Super Summer Set. It's a great variety for travel. Ours will be accompanying us on our Disney Cruise next week!

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