Saturday, November 03, 2007

Swanky Stocking Stuffer Alert: LearningCents Wallet

Here's another great item, you definitely want to tell Santa about. The LearningCents company has recently added to their fantastic product line. This cool camo wallet is a perfect addition to one of my all time favorite product reviews, the LearningCents Bank. The LearningCents Wallet comes in 3 colors, pink camo, blue camo, and green camo. It's a full sized wallet, but fits perfectly in a child's back pocket. It also has a carabiner clip that allows children to clip it to a belt loop (my son likes to clip his on and let it dangle off his hip, he thinks he hot stuff with "his own" wallet). The LearningCents Wallet is made kid tough! It's constructed of durable 600 Denier fabric and has a tri-fold design with a zippered change compartment, slots for gift cards, a plastic ID card holder and a strong Velcro closure. What I love about the LearningCents Wallet, is that my son must keep track of his own "spending" money. It allows him to be responsible and appreciate the value of his hard earned money! And, for under $10, you can't go wrong.

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