Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Baby Angel Bug

I received two extraordinary products from Baby Angel Bug! Both products are amazing and, in my opinion, an essential for your new baby!

The Protect n Play Change Pad is a physician invented change pad which makes changing baby’s diaper super easy! No more trying to distract baby and worrying about baby getting into the mess. The Protect n Play Change Pad keeps baby secure and hands busy and away from the diaper changing process! This handy pad closes up and has 3 pockets and a carrying handle, so you can just change and go! Such a wonderful invention! The Protect n Play Change Pad comes in 2 stylish patterns, Moo Moo Buck-a-roo and Bella Boo!

The Kick and Grow Tummy Zone Development Mat is another physician invented product which encourages Tummy Time, which is very important for baby's development. The Kick and Grow Tummy Zone supports baby’s core while promoting hand/eye coordination as baby plays with the interactive monkey and self recognition with the mirror. There is also a Kick Stabilizer which encourages baby’s natural instinct to push which helps leg development and strength. What a wonderful interactive development toy for baby!

To find out more on these great products and pre-order with their amazing introductory prices, visit http://babyangelbug.com

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