Sunday, November 25, 2007

In Motion Books: A Great Holiday Gift for Baby

I LOVE to give books as gifts, especially to new babies in my life. Who needs another onesie or rattle, right? Books are gifts that keep on giving, plus, I love to write or have my boys write, a little message to the recipient on the inside cover. In Motion Books makes a fabulous new board book for little ones called "Every Day Signs for the Newborn Baby." This charming book features beautiful multicultural illustrations with "lift the flap" interactive pages. You and your child can learn 16 different ASL motions together to facilitate communication while speech develops and emerges. I really wish I had this beautiful book when my oldest was a baby. Being 2 months premature, he was delayed globally, including his speech. We started basic signing with him when we realized his speech was delayed, but this was not until he was about 15 months old. This book would have been a great tool from day one!

"Everyday Signs for the Newborn Baby" is available on AND if you're shopping for a pregnant friend, Tuni & G is offering an adorable gift set that includes the book & a super cute long sleeved maternity tee featuring the "baby" sign illustration from the cover of the book. This would also make a FANTASTIC "Congrats, your pregnant gift!"

For more information please visit You can also take a peek at the other fun books they have in the works!

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Chrissy said...

I'm a young mom and I received this book called Together Creating Family Traditions. Being a young mom, i found it very useful because I'm still learning on a daily basis how to entertain my son. We plant bulbs together, now because of this book, we cook recipes together. A lot of the things we do come from this book. I also think, not only is this a good book for young moms like me, but I'm sure my mom would love it because she's quite crafty and there are a lot of crafts you can chose from as well. There even is a Christmas craft idea in the book that we are going to do for her gift that she will LOVE. I can't wait to see her face Christmas morning when she opens it.