Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Zoom Distribution

If you want some of the most modern products out there for babies and tots, you have to visit Zoom Distribution! I’m going to highlight two products which I recently received from them.

The Tyke Light

This is a fabulous night light that is rechargeable and can be placed anywhere you like as you can remove it from the rechargeable base! My boys love this nightlight and it charges in the bathroom during the day and night when they brush their teeth they take turns with it by alternating nights with the Tyke Light! The Tyke Light comes in several colors and has a relaxing soft glow that is not too bright or too dim and lasts up to 10 hours at a time! Cool product!

Baby Bed Blocks

If you’ve had a baby with croup or an earache, this is definetly a product that you can appreciate. Doctors always suggest when your baby has an earache or a cough to elevate your baby and as you know, babies are so wiggly it is almost impossible to prop up your baby with pillows. So, Space Babies Baby Bed Blocks have come to the rescue! All you do is put these blocks under the legs of the front of the crib and your baby will be safely and evenly elevated. These blocks can also double as stacking toys! Great product!

To see these and other products available at Zoom Distribution, please visit their website @

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