Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wee Gallery: Art That Grows WITH Your Baby!

Wee Gallery is just that, an art gallery for the wee ones in your life! Wee Gallery designs were created to stimulate babies in different ways at different developmental milestones. At birth, the high contrast, black and white, visual patterns help promote brain development. Newborns can only see 12-15 inches away and are most taken by their parents faces and repetitive patterns. At 3-4 months, they like specific patterns, and at 6-7 months, a more global view pattern emerges. As baby gets older, the designs serve as learning tools. Children can learn the names of animals as well as their sounds and the name of the shapes used in the patterns. I absolutely LOVE the designs on these bold flash cards. They are great for development, but guess what? They look good too! Wee Gallery Flash Cards come in five different sets: Original, Garden, Jungle, Sea & Farm. You MUST check out the mobiles they offer. Both styles allow you to clip the cards to them to use as a mobile over baby's crib. Then, the coolest thing ever, when your little one outgrows the cards, use the mobile to hang favorite pictures! Wee Gallery also offers other great products with their fabulous designs. Check out the wall graphics, note cards and canvases. Just adorable. All products can be purchased on the Wee Gallery Site. Pick up some Wee Gallery Flash Cards for the newbie in your life, it will be the first gift they can really see!

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