Saturday, June 03, 2006

Love the Bread & Budder

After finding this product, I will no longer be able to live without them! Bread and Budder is a wonderful company out of Watkinsville, Georgia that makes buckets hand wrapped with fabric. Created by founder, Stephanie Cartright, the buckets are all one of a kind and are finished off with the secret Bread and Budder seal, which makes the fabric permanent. They will not peel and are waterproof too. Do you know what this means? The possibilities are endless! Check out their "102 Uses" everything from ice buckets filled with drinks at a party to toilet paper holders in the bathroom. The fabric choices are incredible too: from vintage to baby to holiday, you can find something to fit your needs. They make great gift "buckets" too. Toss the gift bag and fill up a bucket instead. Who ever thought buckets could be so stylish? These definitely are. Bread and Budder also makes custom buckets. You pick the fabric, they make the bucket. Again, the possibilities are endless. I plan to have some custom made to match my son's room, just think, stylish storage! Bread and Budder buckets are quickly becoming a celebrity favorite and they have received some great press. Check out their site today and pick up some Bread and Budder.

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