Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Feng Shui Collection

Stylishly Protected carrys a unique line of Feng Shui gift boxes! The collections available are: Baby Nursery, Health and Happiness, Wealth, Love, Sacred Space (house), and On the Go (travel)!

The Sanctuary Feng Shui Collection includes items specifically chosen to create positive energy (chi) in any environment which helps to attract more abundance, love, harmony and good fortune into one's life - all in an easy to understand format.

Feng shui affects a person every moment of the day, whether she/he is aware of it or not. What's affecting your energy? What can you do to optimize energy at home, with family, and while traveling? Energy exists everywhere - balancing and clearing it assists in cultivating a healthy body, mind and spirit!

Visit www.stylishlyprotected.com for other fabulous items!

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