Saturday, June 17, 2006

Join the Hot Mama Tribe!

A new company called Hot Mama Ink was launched Spring, 2006. They offer a sexy line of clothing featuring original tattoo inspired artwork which celebrates the mother/child bond with an edgy rock and roll feel.

The clothes were inspired by company co-owner, Andrea Jarrell's frustration with ill-fitting, matronly clothing options for her post-partum shape. A frustration that I think all moms can relate to!
Hot Mama Ink styles include hoodies, tees, tanks, nursing tanks, yogo pants and baby slings. Pieces come in form fit or free fit.
Each piece offers original tattoo artwork. A variety of "tattoo" artwork is available. My favorite design is the "Geisha".
See for yourself all the great products for Hot Mama's at Hot Mama Ink!

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