Tuesday, June 27, 2006

FYLO- For Your Lips Only!

I think I'm in love! (Yes, of course with my husband!) But most recently with FYLO, that's "For Your Lips Only!"
I am a huge lip gloss fan and FYLO is the perfect solution for creating my very own lip palette of colors that I will actually use! All too often, when purchasing a lip palette, a few of the colors will go to waste since they are not right for me.
FYLO allows you to design a personalized compact filled with little luxuries chosen from 28 lip colors, 12 lip glosses, 12 lip pencils and a lip treatment. The colors come in these great little cubes that fit into a compact. You make a one time compact purchase and fill it with 2 or 4 color cubes (depending on size of cubicle you purchase). When you run out of your favorites, reorder the color cubes and refill. What a beautiful idea!
I will tell you that the best part of receiving my FYLO samples was opening the pretty packaging and cute tiny boxes that held the color cubes. For me, part of the fun of cosmetics is the packaging. FYLO offers great packaging. You feel that you are really getting the top notch product that it is.
Visit Heidi, the creator of FYLO, at fylocosmetics.com and see for yourself the great lip treats that await you. You'll be in love too!

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