Saturday, April 01, 2006

Yoga Fun for EVERYONE!

I recently received a WONDERFUL set from Jenn Macris of Barefoot Books. The set included The book My Daddy is a Pretzel, Yoga Pretzels, and Mr. Pretzel. This set is so much fun for the whole family. The book, by Baron Baptise, has been featured on Good Morning America. It is great book that allows kids and adults to explore yoga together. The story links yoga poses with things from everyday life. Its colorful illustrations show you exactly how to do the different poses. Yoga Pretzels, is a set of 50 fun yoga activities printed on cards with wonderful illustrations, designed for both kids and grown-ups. Mr. Pretzel is a super cute "bendy" figure of the dad featured in the story. He comes with a little yoga mat and you can bend him into all of the different poses. This is truly a fun and educational set. It promotes healthy living, achieving your full potential, and having fun! To purchase any of the beautiful books published by Barefoot Books please contact Jenn at . This "Yoga" set makes a great gift that everyone in the family will enjoy!

On a side note, I recently started taking hot yoga (90 minutes of yoga in a 90 degree room). It is truly amazing. My 4 year old was so curious about it and was asking lots of questions. When the set arrived, I was so excited that I could show him what yoga was. His first response was, "Mom, do you have a yoga mat with pretzels on it?"

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