Monday, April 24, 2006

Preserve Your Memories: Bronze IT!

Growing up, I remember seeing my grandmother's bronzed baby shoes. I thought it was so great that something so "old" would last forever. It seems like most people I know have bronzed shoes from parents or grandparents, but it sort of stopped there. I'm here to say that we need to bring bronzing back! Here's the story: I hate to admit it, but my 4 year old son just gave the pacifier up in January (no excuse, but he did only use it at night...). When he was two, he named it a "Fudus."

On New Year's Eve, we discussed resolutions and told him it was time to start the New Year, fudus free. So, that night, the Fudus Fairy came and took the fudus, leaving him an encouraging note, some balloons, and a little gift. It worked like a charm! So, the fudus fairy then "magically" turned the fudus into metal and it now hangs on his wall. I had the pacifier bronzed through a company called The Bronzery. The fudus was such a part of his life, born 2 months early, this is what taught him to suck, which taught him to eat.

When the pacifier came back from The Bronzery, I purchased a shadowbox and designed it to match his room. I also ordered a little plaque from them that reads The Final Fudus with the date on it. MY POINT: Bronzing can create a keepsake that will last a lifetime and almost anything can be bronzed. Prices range depending on the size of the item, the finish you choose, etc.

There are several great bronzing companies out there. I did lots of research before I chose The Bronzery. I chose them because I wanted a pewter finish. Another great company is the American Bronzing Company.
However they do not offer finishes other than bronze. They do have great prices though. You can bronze a pair of shoes for as little as $34.95 a pair.

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