Sunday, April 23, 2006

AllyZabba Blanket

Words cannot describe how SOFT this blanket is! It has to be the softest blanket out there! This is a very swanky blanket and definetly gets the swanky seal of approval ~ it just feels like luxury!

It is made of raised microfiber plush fabric and silky polyester multicolor dot satin backing! It almost feels like fur! This blanket is a generous 38″ x 28″ and is available in Coral, Aqua or Kiwi. I will definetly recommend this blanket to all the swanky moms and babies I know! In fact, I think Allyzabba should make a throw blanket for adults!

Every blanket purchased from comes freshly washed in Dreft detergent, wrapped with a raffia bow and delivered in a cute bag, ready for gift giving or immediate use. This blanket is definetly going to Hollywood! Treat your baby like a celebrity and buy an AllyZabba!

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