Friday, April 28, 2006

Rock Candy Hip Jewelry

Aila Designs are made to order by hand. This "Hip Jewelry' is truely one-of-a-kind! Designed with vibrant imported glass beads and occassionally, clay, metal or lampwork beads, these belts are created for you. You can select from 1 to 4 strands, select your bead colors from great colors like tutti fruiti, blueberry or other great "flavors". You also select your closure from ribbon, a variety of clasps or a suede tie. Make it your own! These belts will update your wardrobe with a dash of color and tons of style!
Aila Designs also makes a "Sweet Treat" Belt for toddlers and kids!
The great new for Swanky Moms is there is a discount being offered just for you! Use coupon code "Swanky Moms Blog" for $15% off any Aila Designs Hip Jewelry!

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