Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Perfect Gift for Your Young Scientist!

Have you got a young scientist on your hands? The Young Scientists Club has what you need. The Young Scientists Club has multiple award-winning science kit for your kids. These kits are geared for children 5 and over and allows them to see science happen right before their eyes.

As a former elementary school teacher with a sub credential in science, I found the Magic School Bus Going Green kit very impressive! Not only is the kit fun, but it helps children learn the scientific process and the terminology. These kits include everything you need for each experiment that is not typically found in a household. With multiple guided experiments your child is sure to learn and discover amazing things. Each experiment guides the child through the process and encourages them to record their results and draw conclusions about their discoveries. In the back of the experiment booklet there expected results and conclusions for your child to compare.

Visit The Young Scientists Club at and explore. With The Magic School Bus Series, Nature Series, Let's go Science Series, The Young Scientist Series, and Adventure Science Series you are bound to find more than you can imagine for your little scientist.

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