Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Info You Need to Know by The Toy Industry Association

With the concerns we all have with toy safety, the new testing laws, and wanting to be sure that the toys we buy for our families during this holiday season will be not only safe but loved and used by our children, I'm excited to share some new resources with you.

The Toy Industry Association (TIA) is our industry's trade organization: the one that hosts Toy Fair in February in New York, and the one who has led American toy makers through the new toy safety testing laws and standards they must meet. And now, the TIA is reaching out to moms like us to help us understand how to buy safe, and great, toys. They created two websites for consumers. One is www.toyinfo.org. There's a neat video here that provides tips for shopping for safe toys and how to keep your children safe with their toys after they're home.

The site will be an ongoing source of news for parents, with regular updates. Check the home page often for new videos, to sign up for recall alerts, to learn about new safety initiatives and more!

'Tis the season to buy toys for the youngsters in your life, and TIA has another great new resource to help! A second website, found here, showcases the top toys in 11 product categories that have been nominated for the 2010 Toy of the Year Awards (TOTY). Well-recognized as the “Oscars®” of the toy industry, the coveted awards program is celebrating its 10th anniversary. To celebrate, TIA is sharing for the first time its list of finalists with you and your readers.You may want to consider using their holiday shopping list when you begin your hunt for great toys for kids this year.

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