Monday, November 16, 2009

HABA for the Holidays!

Ever heard of HABA? I have, and until recently I thought they were just a toy manufacturer! I had no idea they made high quality fantastically fun games as well. HABA is an amazing German company that has not sold out to cheap plastic parts and easily broken pieces. Their unique games prove to withstand the beatings of repeat play without a scratch.

We're big on games around here. In fact our game closet is a little ridiculous. We have tons and tons of games. We play tons and tons of games. My favorites are ones that involve cooperation and teamwork. Ones where my boys actually have to work together instead of "trying to win." There aren't too many of those around, so Castle Knights was really a refreshing discovery. Made for 2-4 players, ages 5-99 (I love that it goes to 99!), players use a special construction tool to build the castle towers. Really fun, really unique! Also, on sale, which makes it even better!

I recently spent some time browsing a great site that features an extensive HABA collection. features only the finest European toys and has fantastic prices to boot! Their site is very easy to navigate and I love their "daily steal" which changes from day to day and features a great item with a significant discount.

You may want to alert Santa that would be a GREAT place to get some unique ideas!

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