Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Smarty Santa Chooses Smart-e-Bear!

The hottest new gift for all good little boys and girls this year should definitely be Smart-e-Bear or another member of his crew, Smart-e-Cat &
Smart-e-Dog. No matter which furry friend Santa chooses, your little one will not be disappointed! When you think of electronic toys, soft and cuddly doesn't normally come to mind. However, the Smart-e-Bear and friends are so soft and squishy, that you will forget all about the little box inside that makes them come to life.

When our Smart-e-Bear arrived, I couldn't get him out of the box quick enough. My 4 year old was immediately drawn to him and was playing Simon Says before I could even free him from his twist ties. All of a sudden, there was my 7 year old (usually way to cool for a "stuffed" animal) fighting for it. Is it really that cool? YES!

Smart-e-Bear and friends have an internal box that acts as their "brain." The software includes preloaded songs, games, and stories that are appropriate for little ones. With a squeeze of a hand or foot, your cutie can navigate their way around, choosing exactly what they want to listen to or play. The fun doesn't stop there though! Smart-e-Bear and friends each come with a USB cord and can be connected to your computer. The Smart e Bear site is sort of an "iTunes" for kids. You can purchase additional songs, stories, and games as well as add your child's name so that their new friend greets them personally!

The Smart-e-Bear makes the perfect gift for any little one on your holiday shopping list. Designed for kiddos 2 and up, you can choose what you put on your little one's new best buddy. Add some lullabies for nap time or have a dance party after breakfast! Smart e Bear and friends are sold at retailers nationwide. Costco seems to have the best deal. However if you don't have a membership, there are other options. Visit the Smart e Bear site to find a store near you.

ONE lucky Swanky Mom will get their very own Smart e Bear this holiday season! Visit the Smart-e-Bear site and take a look around. Be the 2nd person to e-mail me at and tell me 2 awards that this great product has won and you will be our lucky winner!

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