Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Great New Year's Resolution for Kids: READ More!

Looking for a great gift that will double as a great New Year's Resolution for kids? Give the gift of reading! Excite Books is a new program that allows children to get their hands on new books every month. Easy and affordable, all you do is go to the Excite site and choose a grade level, from preschool to teen. There's also an option to receive cook books or puzzle/activity books. You then choose your plan, between one and 3 books a month. The price ranges from $4.99 to $14.99, depending on the amount of books you choose. Once you've chosen and paid, your surprise package (teacher approved books) arrives in a super fun red metallic envelope. Who doesn't love flashy mail!?!?!

We tried out the 3 book pack which also comes with some surprise goodies (wooden glider, bubbles, etc). Another item in the package is a postage paid envelope addressed to a school in need! Why you ask? Let me tell you:

What I love most about Excite Books is the charity aspect. When your little ones are over their new titles, they can choose to ship them off to a school library in need. However, if they love the book, they keep it! The choice is theirs. My boys each got a package (one pre k and one first grade). They chose to keep a few and send a few. So cool and so affordable!

What kid doesn't love mail? A cool looking package filled with educational items that helps kids learn about charity, you can't beat that! As a former teacher, I think this is a fantastic program, definitely worth a try. AND, speaking of try, Excite Books is happy to give you a free trial of their program (just pay shipping). Another great feature of this company? No pressure. If you're done, your done. There's no contract and you can cancel at any time.

Visit Excite Books today and sign up the little reader in your life!

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