Sunday, December 07, 2008

Dark Night, Bright Feet, Brilliant Idea!

Ok, so I have to say I have found this year's gift worthy of giving to everyone on your holiday shopping list! When I first discovered Bright Feet, I chuckled, I mean light up slippers, silly right? Ummmm, no! Genius. These things are perhaps one of the most fabulous inventions I have ever come across. I've been wearing them the last few nights and I have to say they are the most useful item I have ever slid my feet into. Not only are they comfy, but they are built to last. The soles are sturdy and perfect for walking indoors or outdoors. Their surface is easy to clean, and the battery compartment is hidden well, but easy to get to.

How do they work? Super simple, these "smart" slippers have a sensor on the side that tells them if it's dark out. A little pressure from your little piggies, along with some darkness, and voila! A bright path awaits you. My favorite use, going upstairs in the dark. I also used them last night to take out some trash and to switch the laundry in the garage. I'm telling you, Bright Feet are something you never knew you needed, until you have them!

There are so many uses for Bright Feet. If you're a camper, these are perfect for walking around the campground at night. Need a night time potty break and don't want to wake anyone up with the lights? Slip them on and head to the bathroom. Nursing mommies or bottle feeding daddies can wear them and make it safely to baby without disturbing anyone. Also great for power outages, or emergencies.

Bright Feet come in 5 different colors. Their sizing is clear and true to size and they are unisex, so they're easy to buy for all of the feet on your shopping list! This year I plan to buy them for several people on my list including dad, grandpa, grandma, uncle and auntie too!

My only complaint? I'd love to see Bright Feet in kids sizes. I can just imagine the fun with a family "Light's Out Dance Party!" Visit Bright Feet today and brighten up your holiday season.

*Free shipping with 2 or more pairs!

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Mary said...

OMGosh! I just saw these in a catalog and cracked up at the thought of them! Maybe I just don't have a good eye for what makes a really great product (it wouldn't be the first time! LOL).