Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Paper NOR Plastic: The Inconvenient Bag

Looking for a little resolution to add to your list for the New Year? How about BYOBing it to the grocery store? AND, if you're going to bring your own bag, why not do it in style? With The Inconvenient Bag you can help the environment and look great doing it!

Why is it called The Inconvenient Bag you ask? Well, it may be a little inconvenient for you to bring it with you to the store, but it's very convenient for the environment. With plastic bags being banned in many areas (yippee!), we need a environmentally friendly solution and these great bags do the trick. I've used the cheapie reusable ones from the grocery store, but really after a few uses and spills, they're trashed. The Inconvenient Bag is strong, washable and so roomy. Each bag can hold up to 45 pounds of groceries.

I am now ADDICTED to my Inconvenient Bags, they're adorable and I feel great about using them. I keep them in the car and use them for all of my errands. Whether it's the grocery store, Target or even the mall, I know I'm doing a small part to help the environment. Visit The Inconvenient Bag site today and choose from their 4 different styles. It's a purchase that you're sure to feel fantastic about! For a family of 4 I recommend 5 or 6 bags.

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