Thursday, January 17, 2008

MyThings Recall Alert Service

MyThings Recall Alert is a free service that alerts moms when any of the toys they bought their kids are recalled. Instead of wading through the Consumer Product Safety Commission site every day or relying on local TV news, parents can list things (toys, child & baby products) they own on Then MyThings will monitor recall websites daily and email mom whenever there’s a match between a new recall and an item she’s registered. The service is free, and MyThings only requires a valid email address to register. In addition, any items registered on MyThings – from toys to electronics to antiques – enjoy a ton of services including saving digital receipts, free appraisals, manuals, repair and recycling info, and deals on accessories and related products!

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FrancisGreen said...

Hi you can check safety or recall status of toys on