Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Baby Kick ~ Kick Trak

A wonderful hand-held recording device, invented by an obstetrician, to track baby’s movement patterns with the simple touch of a button! Expectant moms can start using the Kick Trak at 24-28 weeks. The Kick Trak stores and recalls the ten most recent kick counting sessions. Research shows that healthy babies usually take less than two hours to make ten movements, so if your baby takes longer than two hours to make ten movements, you will know to contact your health care provider immediately. The Kick Trak also tracks the pregnancy progress in weeks/days, counts down the last 99 days of pregnancy and times contractions when labor begins! The Kick Trak is a little peace of mind for expectant moms and helps moms stay connected with their baby during their pregnancy! For a limited time it is only $39.95!!


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