Saturday, December 08, 2007

Warm up the Holidays with a Slanket!

Looking for a great way to keep your little ones warm during the holidays? Check out the new Slanket for kids! This is a miniature version of the adult Slanket which is quite possibly the greatest thing you never knew you needed! A giant over sized, super soft, fleece blanket with sleeves that allow you to read, surf channels, snack, and whatever else you may need to do with your hands while trying to stay warm. Unfortunately nose picking is usually what my three year old chooses to do with his hands free warmth. The Slanket is a great gift, I purchased 5 of them this holiday season and I am actually having them embroidered with the recipient's names to make them a super special gift. When we received our Slanket for review, my boys immediately started fighting over it. Needless to say, everyone in the family has their own Slanket now. The Slanket has been a HOT holiday seller, so unfortunately, the adult versions are sold out through the holidays. However, the kid versions are still available. AND trust me, any kid that gets a Slanket will LOVE it. Keep checking the Slanket site, as they are hoping to add more adult inventory. You know it's a great item if they can't keep them in stock. So, bookmark the home of the best blanket in the world and check back often. With this kind of popularity, we may very well see Slanketeering become a sport in the Winter Olympics!

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