Sunday, December 09, 2007

Holiday Fun for Everyone with Learning Resources

The Christmas countdown is on! With just a few shopping weeks left, be sure to visit Learning Resources for all of the "nice" children on your list. The teacher in me LOVES to find toys that are educational and fun. Learning Resources has an endless selection of toys that will exercise the mind while creating smiles.

I think that games are the greatest holiday gifts, reason being, the whole family benefits from game time. Visit the Learning Resources site and check out some of my very favorite games & toys! All of the games on my "favorite" list are for ages ranging from 3-10. For the younger end of that age range check out Bunny Hop and Crazy Creatures. Bunny Hop is a color "memory" type of game that will keep kids on their toes waiting for the bunnies to hop out of their holes, very fun! Crazy Creatures is a super fun game focusing on animal sounds, you roll a die and move the farmer around the board. Depending on where he lands and the sound you hear, you get a different "part" of an animal. Hear an "oink" pick up a pig head or rear. Add it to your "middle" even if it's a cow or a horse. The first person with a complete animal is the winner. Even if it's a "shig" or a "cowse."

Mr. Scrambles is a must have! Another 3-10 year age range (even though adults will love it too), Mr. Scrambles is a friendly interactive egg, yes, I said egg, that can play 7 interactive games. He comes with a large spoon and an even larger personality. Play "Mr. Scrambles Says" or "Pass the Egg" or "Egg Hunt" and you'll have as much fun as the kids! I promise.

Freeze Up is my new favorite family game. The "technical" age range is 8-99, but my 6 year old loves it, so I'd say the range could go a little lower depending on the child. What I love about freeze up is that it's a great family game and a great party game too. This category countdown game forces players to be on their toes and not "Freeze Up." The electronic device gives you a category and you have only a short time to answer. An example, "name a state, letter A." Answer quickly and you stay in the game. Freeze Up and you're out! With over 170 categories and two modes of play, family and friends will have a blast competing for first place! The game can electronically keep score for 2-8 players. FUN, FUN, FUN!

Some other toys I love are the Talking Clever Clock, a great way to teach your child how to tell time, and the Jump and Jam Jungle, a super fun electronic mat with adorable graphics that lets kids get the wiggles out while learning about shapes, colors, and animal sounds.

All Learning Resource toys are high quality and built to last. Their website is easy to navigate and you can shop by subject, category, theme, or brand.

P.S. Santa will love this site too!

For a limited time, Learning Resources is offering a LOW shipping rate of $4.95 on orders over $65. So, shop away and pay less than $5 for shipping. Just use the code FSWEB07 at checkout.

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