Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Eve: Start A New Tradition with Museum Tour

Looking to start a great new family tradition this year? We always open one gift on Christmas Eve, this year, we are opening one gift as a family. However, my family doesn't know that it's already been played with! I really wanted to find a unique and exciting item for my family to open on Christmas Eve, something that would be fun for our family's wide age range of 3 to 35. I also wanted it to be something we could do together as a group. I knew I wanted a game or activity type of item, and when I looked through the amazing Museum Tour catalog, the choices were endless. I stumbled upon The New Touch Game and KNEW it would be a hit with my family. So, to properly review the item, some friends and I played the game while the kids were at school, (I Love my job)! This unique game is a plastic "dome" with a self adjusting opening.

Inside are lots of fun goodies, everything from vehicles, to snakes, dinosaurs, and more. You use your sense of touch to find an object on a fact filled card. The hilarious part? Half of the dome is clear, so your opponents can see you feeling your way through the objects. The game features a built in timer, 20 theme cards, and 49 play pieces. You can also get expansion packs to change up the game or cater it to a special interest your family might have. The four expansion packs to choose from are Farm Animals, Sea Life, Dinosaurs, and African Wildlife. The New Touch Game is fun and educational. I know my family will have a blast playing the game by the fireplace on Christmas Eve.

Start a new tradition this year, visit the Museum Tour site today and pick up something your family will love. The site is fantastic, easy to navigate, and you can shop by category, price or age. All items on the site are carefully chosen and most are award winning products. Put your money to good use and buy something that will inspire, entertain, and enrich. You will love the Museum Tour selection and guess what? SO WILL SANTA!

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MLM Mommy said...

What I love about this tradition is that it's educational and fun. I think everyone in your family will enjoy this activity.

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