Tuesday, November 28, 2006

SMOY: The Coolest Way to Wear Your Pics

I have found what I think is the coolest accessory around! Spencer Moy owner of SMOY (first initial plus last name, clever huh?) is the designer of the SMOY photo cuff. The industrial designer who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York was inspired after 2 1/2 years of working abroad in Tokyo, Japan. Spencer returned home with the idea of the photo cuff looming in the back of his head. Tired of freelancing and temping, he decided to put his idea to life and created the SMOY Photo Cuff. These fabulous photo cuffs are available in several styles. From the Soho 4 (holds 4 photos) to the funky Chelsea (cool & sparkly) to the Kids SMOY Photo Cuff (a great stocking stuffer), you are bound to find something for everyone on your holiday shopping list. The great thing about this accessory is that you can constantly change out the photos to fit your mood... and those little index photos that come with your pictures when you have them printed fit perfectly. Right now I've got pictures of my boys in mine. I've had it for just 2 days and have received TONS of compliments (everyone from the moms at preschool to strangers at Costco). What I really love about the SMOY photo cuff is that it's a hip and unique way to show off your pictures. All SMOY products can be purchased directly from the company's website. Photo Cuff prices range between $17-$30. There is even a photo belt! SMOY products are definitely the coolest way to carry your photos.

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