Thursday, November 23, 2006

Medibag: Kid Friendly First Aid

The Medibag, made by Me 4 Kidz, is a top of the line first aid kit designed specifically for kids. Owner and creator, Richelle Nassos, was inspired after her son was stung by a bee. How great to have the sting relief with you if you need it, right? The Medibag is fabulous on so many levels. It contains 117 items and provides you with all the things you need for life's bumps, bruises, cuts, scrapes, splinters, and other miscellaneous ouchies. The kit comes organized in a hard plastic "medical bag" (so nothing gets damaged) and also includes an informative first aid flip chart. The Medibag contains unique items not found in most first aid kits, such as a one time use eye wash, burn relief gel, a one time use thermometer, sting relief gel, and my favorite FUN bandages and happy face stickers. Stickers always make you feel better! Everything is latex free and hypoallergenic, so no worries on that end. You even get a postcard offer for a 45 item free refill kit (just pay the $4.95 shipping). The Medibag would make a fabulous gift for any occasion. I think everyone needs at least two of these. One at home and one in the car. It would also be great for sports team moms/dads, keep one in your motor home, take one on vacation, keep one in the boat... I could go on and on. Just keep one handy! Visit me4kidz today, they have their retailers and e-tailers listed. $19.95 seems to be the average price with most e-tailers on the site. With a satisfaction guarantee from the company, how can you go wrong!

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