Friday, August 04, 2006


This cute pacifier was invented by a mother who had a fussy, sleepless night with her infant son and every time he would finally drift off to sleep, his paci would fall out. So Carla Schneider decided to sew a small stuffed animal to her son's pacifier to keep it from falling out and voila, WubbaNub was born!

The WubbaNub™ conforms to all appropriate national safety code requirements for infant products. It features a latex-free medical grade silicone pacifier and there are no strings, pacifier cords or clips. The WubbaNub™ is available in various colors and designs including a dog, frog, horse, duck and kitten and retails for under $10.

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Jennt said...

I love, love, love the Wubbanub and Jack loves it even more. It was great when he was very small and couldn't hold a pacifier in his mouth. He could with his Wub - he could just grab the animal and pop the paci right in. Now that he's one he can easily hold it and carry it around for when he needs comfort. We also are finding it easier to transition to a lovey since he's used to the stuffed animal.