Friday, August 18, 2006


Looking for the cutest, most adorable and soft fall/winter goods!? This website has it all; and it is all made by hand! So many stars love this good stuff too! READ ON~ Jesse Walker is the creation of the designer and owner, Dale Pollak Schlauch. Jesse Walker is named after Dale's two children Jesse and Willy Walker. The Company was started 5 years ago after Dale decided to stop teaching Preschool and stay home with her kids. Jesse Walker is located in 400 stores across the USA as well as Japan, Canada, Australia, Paris, and Germany.Stars love Jesse Walker including Gwen Stefani, loves the baby booties that really stay on, Denise Richards loves the letter sweaters, while Britney Spears just adores her patchwork blanky. All of Jesse Walker's products are made in the USA by really great and talented women across America. All of the fantastic Knitgoods are made by hand NOT on a loom. Check them out!

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