Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dine without Whine

Just like they say, Dine without Whine! Take the following quiz to see if you could benefit from this service:

*Would It Take Some Of The Burden Off Your Shoulders If You Didn't Have To Figure Out What To Cook Every Night?
*Would It Help If You Knew You Had All The Groceries In Your Home, Ready To Make Up To 7 Homemade Meals Each Week?
*Would It Bring You Peace Of Mind To Know That Your Family Is Eating Healthy Meals That They Enjoy?
*Would Life Be Easier If Dinner Was Easy To Prepare?
*Would You Feel Fulfilled Knowing That You Have Lovingly Provided A Homemade Meal For Your Family?
*Would Your Family Benefit From Daily Connecting Around The Dinner Table?

If You Answered Yes To ANY Of These Questions - It's Time To
Join Dine Without Whine an affordable and family friendly weekly meal planning service!

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