Wednesday, February 01, 2006

No Time To Make Baby Food?

If you are like me, you have about a million things to do in a short day's time. Making your own baby food may be on your list, too. While you likely want to avoid pesticides, sugar, salt, preservatives and colors in your baby's food, you still do not have to make it yourself. Have somebody else make it! Here are some organic baby food companies, some created by moms and dads, who saw the need for a healthy baby food solution to offer to busy-but healthy-families:
  • Canada: BoBoBaby : Frozen entrees, available in your grocer's freezer
  • LA Area:Bohemian Baby: Gourmet meals delivered to your door weekly
  • U.K.:Hipp Organic : Jars, Juices, Cereals, Formula, available at your grocer
  • U.S./Canada:Earth's Best : Jars and Cereals, available at your grocer
  • Europe/Australia:
  • Baby Nat & Kalibio: Jars, Snacks, Juices, Cereals for kids, available at your grocer
No matter where you live, moms and dads are always looking for the same thing: a healthy menu for their children!

What for our Swanky Review of Bohemian Baby Coming Soon.....

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