Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Growing Like A Weed

Children's growth is quite rapid during their first year, then slows until their second birthday. From year 2 until puberty, a typical growth pattern of a child is in the area of 2.5 inches per year.
At this rate, it feels like your child will end up a giant! We, as parents, tend to take an occasional moment to cherish our babies' baby-ness, realizing that they do grow so fast.
Recording your child's growth will forever keep their baby-ness in your memory. Hip growth charts from Dolce Mia are sure to add a little flair to baby's room, too! From trucks and farms to butterflies and cowboys, Dolce Mia's collection will keep 'em growing in style. Each Growth Chart comes equipped with all the growing essentials, such as 20 stickers to mark special occasions. Geez, they do grow fast!
Source: Rieser P, Underwood L. Growing Children: A Parents Guide. 5th edition, Genentech Inc., 2002.

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