Thursday, February 16, 2006

Make Brushing Easy: The Fire Fly Tooth Brush

The Fire Fly Tooth Brush by Dr. Fresh is pure genius! We just picked one up at Target for under $1.00 and my son thinks it's the best thing on Earth! The Fire Fly Tooth Brush lights up (with blinking lights) for 60 seconds when you push the bottom of it. It flashes for 60 seconds and then automatically shuts off. This helps teach little ones, and big ones too, how long they need to brush. You can start with one minute, and then move on to longer amounts as your child gets older. The goal is to brush for 3 minutes. The Fire Fly comes in 6 different colors and for under a dollar, you can afford buy one of each! You will love this! This product is available in most chain type stores, however I found them online for a great deal too. Visit and get 2 for only $1.75 plus shipping!


SwankyHotMama said...

I picked up one for each of my kids at Target! They love it! I love how it gives them an idea of how long to brush! Thanks for the great find!

swankymomheather said...

Glad you liked it! I think it's a great product. Too bad they don't have them for adults!