Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fantastic Family Fun with the Epson PictureMate Show

Looking for a sure fire hit at your next party? Send everyone home with photos that very instant! Epson has done it again. Continuing to wow me with their fun "grown up" toys, they have recently released their PictureMate Show. The PictureMate Show is a combination photo printer/digital frame. Other than the ease of use feature, I really love how portable it is. When the box arrived, I was quite surprised by how small it was. Its look is very sleek, and although I do recommend the carrying case for protection, it has a handle for easy transporting.

The PictureMate Show has been such a blast this holiday season. Our first use was at the family Christmas party. We have such a big family that we actually rent a community center out for the night. Literally, there are over 40 kids at this shindig every year. Anyhow, I thought why not set up a craft area where the kids can take photos with siblings, cousins, aunties, uncles, grandparents, or whomever they want! So, I brought the digital camera and the PictureMate Show, snapped a bunch of pics and voila! Instant hit. The kids, and I'm not going to lie, adults too, thought it was fantastic. They loved the instant gratification of a photo printing right out. I also brought craft supplies and cheap frames for the kids to decorate. The cost on this was less than a dollar a kid, and the outcome was priceless. Plus, while not in use, it displayed all of the pics from that evening.

I'm thinking that the PictureMate Show would be a welcome accessory at any party. How fun would it be at a birthday party? Take a pic with the birthday boy or girl, print it out, decorate frames, and there's your party activity and favor all in one! Honestly, even at "grown up" birthday parties it would be fun, I don't know that I'd have grown ups decorate frames, but hey, you never know...

With the Epson PictureMate Show, the possibilities are truly endless. Some of its features include a 7" tilt screen, several slide show options, a remote control, and 270 MB of internal storage. Photos can be printed in color, black and white or sepia from USB thumb drives and all popular memory cards via the built in memory card slots. Prints come out in about 30 seconds and dry instantly. They are smudge, scratch, water, and fade resistant. You can print 4 x 6 photos as well as wallets. Whether glossy or matte, your photos will come out vibrant and beautiful. The PictureMate Show is a complete photo printing lab and no computer is needed. Be sure to visit the Epson official PictureMate Show page for even more details.

The PictureMate Show is available directly from Epson with free shipping. Definitely worth the investment, you will not be disappointed. Everyday I think of new uses for it and I know you will too. In fact, right now, I just had an idea... to bring it into my boys' classrooms to make Valentines for the students' parents. See, endless possibilities in action!

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