Monday, December 07, 2009

Have the Kids Been Naughty or Nice?

You know almost everyone uses Santa as a good behavior motivator at this time of year. I have found someone to give you a little extra help. Elf on the Shelf is a clever little book and elf doll set that gives them a constant reminder to behave nicely.

This darling read aloud book explains to the children that this little elf has been sent to your home to watch and report back to Santa. Every night while the children are asleep, this magic little elf flies to the North Pole to tell Santa just how naughty or nice the children have been. And when he returns he finds a new look out point to observe from.

You may wonder how you might answer the questions that you know your little ones will ask, well you don't have to. This book has covered almost all the questions your children can come up with. The book explains that the elf cannot move or talk to the children because Santa gave him rules that he has to follow, and breaking the rules would be naughty. He also cannot be touched too much or he will lose his magic and not be able to report back to Santa. However, the children can talk to the elf and tell him what they want Santa to bring them for Christmas.

My children, 6 and 4, bought into it! They are convinced that this elf has been leaving every night to tell Santa all about their behavior. Each morning they are excited to see where the elf has moved to. One morning they got a little worried because they couldn't find him right away. My daughter asked if he was maybe giving a naughty report to Santa and is why he hasn't returned yet. This little elf is certainly keeping them on their toes!

Get yourself some extra help with Elf on the Shelf! You can buy at Barnes and Noble in store or online at This book set can also be purchased at

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