Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Automated Man

Automated Man is a revolutionary idea that will make every mom's job easier. If you have a son in college, a husband who commutes to another state for work, or even a fireman or policeman in the family who has a locker filled with his essentials, Automated Man is your answer. With Automated Man, the men in your life receive all of their toiletry needs, delivered, once a month for up to 65% off of the cost of the drug store. If you have a kid in college, but don't want to give him a credit card, sign him up for Automated Man. Through the holidays, sign your boy or man up and enter the code "BestMom" and you will get another 15% off. Automated Man takes the work and worry out of being a mom. Save time, save money, and keep control.

Visit http://www.automatedman.com

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