Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Move Over Nerf, Here's Something Tastier!

Little boys love to play with toy guns, and The Marshmallow Shooter is the best by far! The Marshmallow Fun Company has created and extremely safe shooter. This Marshmallow Shooter can shoot 30 feet and hold up to 25 rounds of the yummiest and softest ammo ever.

The Marshmallow Fun Company was founded by a few parents after a riotous fun little boys birthday party. They discovered what a truly great product they had come up with and put attention to the littlest details.

Safety was their biggest concern. The Marshmallow shooter inflicts NO PAIN and causes NO MESS! This shooter will only shoot objects that can be compressed and regain shape. It WILL NOT shoot rocks, sticks, or even stale marshmallows! A target can be shot from close range with out any pain. I know this because my son sneaked up on me while I was doing dishes and shot me in the back from only a couple feet away.

This extremely safe Marshmallow Shooter is virtually mess free! While other shooters use lung power, this one uses compressed air. We had another marshmallow gun that fired the marshmallows by the shooter blowing hard into a pipe. Not only did it not go far, but the tube became sticky and would get clogged quickly due to the moisture in your breath. We've all seen a child blow out birthday candles and can see how much moisture comes out with each blow! The compressed air allows for mess free, rapid fire without becoming light headed. Should your shooter become dirty or sticky all parts that come in contact with the marshmallows can be disassembled and washed on the top rack or the dishwasher or hand washed in hot water.

This Marshmallow Shooter is so safe and easy to use even my 4 year old daughter got into the action! We had a blast running around our backyard having our own little marshmallow war.

Visit and check out all of their affordable and fun Marshmallow Shooters. While the Blue and Red Shooter is their Classic they have also come out with: a Cheetah Shooter, Daisy Shooter, Skull & Crossbone Shooter, Peace Shooter, Zebra Shooter, and Camo Shooter. There is a shooter for everyone. They have even come up with a Bow & Mallow Shooter and a Mazooka that shoots the larger marshmallows.

The Marshmallow Shooter can be found online at or Hammacher Schlemmer, Toys R Us, and on

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