Monday, May 04, 2009

A Super Tracker for a Super Mom

Baby Super Tracker Application
Baby Super Tracker is a fantastic application for iPhone and iTouch users.  Every parent could use a little help with the day to day duties of raising kids.  Super Baby Tracker can do just that.  This wonderful application helps parents keep track of diaper changes, feedings, sleep schedule, baby supplies, and medical notes.  This application takes all the guess work out of the daily baby routines.
Baby Super Tracker can be set up for more than one child at a time.  We all know that with a new baby you can also use the extra help with the older siblings.  You can specialize the tracker to meet the needs of each of your children regardless of their age.  With it's preference page you can set which alarms will sound for each child as well as customize specific alarms to meet the needs of all your children.  Just like the ring on your phone, you can set the alarms to a variety of sounds as well as vibrate.  All the alarm sounds are meant to be soothing so as to not disturb or wake a peaceful child.
To learn more about the Baby Super Tracker application visit  Mobile Works Software is offering a free copy of this application to the 5th reader to send me an email at

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