Saturday, May 02, 2009

Let Your Daughter Sparkle With Sparklehearts

Sparklehearts is a wonderful natural bath and body line for girls!  All Sparklehearts products are made with 99.6% natural ingredients. There are no harmful toxins or unpleasant ingredients in the product line.  With no artificial fragrances or colors, parabens, phthalates or sulfates these products leave your hair and body sparkling clean!  

The all natural product line is made from materials like essential oils, violet extract, coconut, shea butter,  and green tea extract.  Each of their bath and body products leave your skin and hair smelling beautiful and free of residue.  My daughter and I love the fresh clean scent of the products.  You can smell and feel that only natural ingredients are used in each of Sparklehearts 5 hair and body products.  Each product has a list of its ingredients that can be viewed on their website so you know exactly what your daughter is putting on her body.  This information is very valuable since 60% of what we put on our skin is directly absorbed into our bodies.

Check out the products for yourself at  They offer Shine Shampoo, Rainbow Soft Conditioner, Peace Out No Knots Hair Detangler, Bubbling Blooms Body Wash, and Sweet Hearts Sparkly Body Lotion. Sparklehearts has never been animal tested, and each of their stylish bottles was made by using 100% post consumer recycled materials. 

Sparklehearts is offering 20% off all products to Swanky Moms readers.  Just enter the discount code Blog20. 

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