Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Spy Private Eye: Family Fun for Everyone!

Family game night is a must around here. We normally let the kids choose, but honestly, I can't even handle another night of Candyland or Chutes and Ladders. So, when family game night rolled around, I suggested a new and exciting game called I Spy Private Eye by Briarpatch. Both of my boys whined when they saw it, "....but I want to play...."

I've never seen a tune change so fast. They went from whine to fine the minute we opened the box. The colorful game immediately intrigued them. Then came the questions, "What is this?, How do I do this? Can I go first?" So, I quickly perused the instructions, which are very well written, and was able to figure out the game in an instant! Simple and fun: Shake the dice, press the timer and get busy! You have 30 seconds to spy the images on the dice before they are hidden from view. You then have to remember what you saw, choose a picture card, and score points by finding the images that match the dice. Super fun and just enough of a challenge to keep the kids interested and not frustrated. There is no reading required for this game, 2-4 players can play (or more if you play on teams), and the recommended age is 5 and up.

I Spy Private Eye would make a great holiday gift for any little game lover in your life. Visit Briarpatch today and add some new fun to the game cupboard.


PJ said...

You should also check out for some terrific family fun suggestions.

swankymom said...

My kids LOVE the I Spy books, I'll have to see where I can find this game in Canada.