Monday, October 06, 2008

Belle Pearl's Shop for a Cure - Lisa's Hope Bracelet

Each one of us, at some point in our lives will be touched by the diagnosis of breast cancer. A mother, daughter, grandmother or sister. A niece, cousin, aunt, neighbor, co-worker or dear friend - - you.

Over the past couple of years Angela from Belle Pearl has had two remarkable women in her life be diagnosed with breast cancer. Her sister-in-law "Kathy" and most recently, one of her dearest friends and mentors, "Lisa".

Belle Pearl is proud to announce the release of my newest design- "Lisa's Hope" Bracelet. In honor of Angela's dear courageous friend and all of the other women who's lives are touched by breast cancer and other cancers. It is her hope that we can contribute to the cause to raising awareness, funding research and finding hope.

"Lisa's Hope" Bracelet may be purchased here online at as well as in fine boutiques and gift stores nationwide. This beautiful sterling silver and gemstone bracelet will represent the colors of breast cancer awareness. Belle Pearl will donate 10% of each bracelet sale to a Maine Cancer research and support foundation.

Use coupon code HOPE15 for 15% off. Good from now until Oct. 31, 2008.

Here's a note from Lisa:

What Lisa's Hope bracelet means to me........

Lisa's Hope Bracelet represents much more to me than just the hope of my
recovery. This bracelet is not only filled but overflowing with the graciousness and generosity of every loving hand that was involved in its creation. I can't begin to put in words the gratitude I feel when I think about this gift of hope that was designed and given to me from my dear friend Angela Apon, owner of Belle Pearl. The stones in the bracelet represent My hope for every person seeing, hearing and wearing my bracelet will be empowered with the strength and courage to defeat their sickness, help support someone they know who may struggling through this disease, and to love themselves enough to check themselves each and every month for early detection. It is my hope that through the proceeds made from the sales of this bracelet a cure will be found and breast cancer will no longer be a tragedy affecting so many lives. The trinity of raw rubies in the bracelet represents courage, power of the mind, and healing of the body. The rose quartz opens the heart to self love and inner peace which is my hope for not only everyone wearing my bracelet to be enlightened with, but to all my sisters and wonderful women in this world. For my story and my updates please see my blog at:

Fondly, Lisa Gaudet

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